Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Katsuko Yamamoto, called "Kakko-chan", is a teacher at a school for gifted (challenged children) in Japan.

She encounters the wonderful characters and powers of the children through her daily life with them, These are "big powers"-invisible; yet they support us and they let our life live. This was the encounter for her to know the preciousness of life.

A child remembers and says "The pink swaddling clothes I wore after birth hurt my skin!". Another child sees the change of season and language as colors.
Being with those children, Kakko-chan came to feel that "They must know something important-the truth."

In the film, she talks about her exchange with children.
Additionally, there are comments from the authorities of archaeology, medicine and other sciences. This story is going to tell you that disease and impairment (handicap) has meaning.

Everything and everyone exists becuase it is necessary. It is all right for everyone "to be" in different way and each person is important and precious in life. This heartfelt documentary represents the big and vigourous power to let our life live and gently unlocks the secret of our lives.
Documentary Film
"Miracle of the Gifted Quarter" screening
in Sydney
on Sunday, 12th September
North Sydney Leagues Club
in Cammeray
Session Times are
11:00~ 13:00~ 15:00~
$15 per person
$10 for under 18 and senior citizens