Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Echan Deravy's vision - The East West Merging Point

Here you will find information on the activities of one man who has a rather unusual mission in Japan. In fact it appears so unusual that we are hard pressed to pigeonhole it. Perhaps then it behooves us to look back at where this radical communicator has come from. In doing so we'll get a more comprehensive vision that will do justice to over three decades of evolving creativity. The key word linking his entire Japanese sojourn would undoubtedly be 'Transformation'.

First let's look at the transformations he himself has gone through. That forms the basis upon which his current 'message' rests. If nothing else, Echan Deravy is a disciple of change with a deep faith in the power of metamorphosis.

September 1974: After five years of trans planet travel and adventure Echan arrives in Japan with the intention of entering a zen monastery at age 22. He entered zen instead and left the monastery behind. For the next 15 years oriental philosophy was the central focus of his life and involved balancing the raising of a family (through university teaching positions and a unique acupuncture center) with martial arts practice and the complex study of oriental medicine. By the time he left Japan in 1989 he had acquired a Japanese level one proficiency certificate, an acupuncture and moxibustion license to practice issued by the government and a fifth dan ranking in the way of the bow-oft referred to as zen archery. He had completed a cycle that was dominated by study and internship with some of the last true masters of Japan's waning traditions.

It seemed like the school of rough knocks. Japan can appear a very strict environment to do anything in. The rules of social life go back a long way-long before people like Echan showed up in fact...

The next 12 years saw Canada unfold in his vision. In the pristine environment of Vancouver island a Corporation came into being. Japan Consultants Inc. was to pioneer business links between Canada and Japan through real estate consulting. As president of the corporation Echan was responsible for all aspects of the overseas investing via both private and corporate transactions.

Extremely valuable first hand experience was gained in the particular sensitivities of that quixotic character-the Japanese businessman. Canada's CBC channel featured the work Echan had done to bring investors to the economically strapped town of Kimberly in their television special 'Venture'. 15 years as a student and a teacher as well as a doctor of oriental medicine had now transformed into a short but powerful burst of activity as an international wheeler and dealer. Then, theJapanese economy crashed.

So did Echan. He fell hard as did many others both inside Japan and around the world. An inflated economy was likened to a bubble. It burst. The resulting stress and overall disintegration of a very promising business career propelled Echan to transform yet again. By 1993 he and his wife had co-written and published their first book to be written about consciousness, evolution, the couple and individuation as well as the now rather well known prophecies concerning 2012.

A new career as a writer, public speaker (in Japanese) and worldwide adventure and research/ seminar facilitator began. Over the next several years 37 worldwide and completely amazing workshops had taken Japanese to Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Europe, Ireland and Scotland as well as England, Italy, Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica and Greece. He had literally created a new genre. Never before had the concept of showing up at a specified location on your own (as opposed to an itinerary and flight plan all booked by a travel agency) to begin a study of Mayan sacred sites or climbing the Andes to get to Machu Pichu been proffered to the discriminating Japanese traveler. It was a huge success. Attention to detail, painstakingly learned at the point of a needle literally had metamorphosed into this. But there was to be more.

Though living in Canada Echan was soon required to be lecturing all over Japan and thus crossed the Pacific over 60 times in ten years to deliver leading edge concepts to the growing audiences from Hokkaido to Okinawa. His ability to communicate with pioneers in diverse fields in the West and then to introduce those concepts to Japan kept him far ahead in the changing times. Finally after one plane too many Echan got the message to return to live in Japan now that the children were adults. This is where it really began to get interesting!

He was the first to bring remote viewing training to Japan and to teach it to hundreds over the next nine years in Japanese. Long before crop circle books were being written he was in the 'field' with Japanese actually feeling the crop transformation up close and personal. Whether it was diving with cetaceans or exploring ancient temples his adventurous spirit drew literally hundreds to participate in world seminars and literally millions to hear his message via the internet and television.

Since 2002 his corporation Maranatha Japan has done translation, interpretation, publication, and media appearances as part of his mission to assist Japanese in becoming sovereign individuals capable of making theor own informational choices. The ongoing central work of public speaking has resulted in much more high profile creativity. Audiences around Japan now look to Echan for hints about what is likely to be happening in the next few years as human consciousness obviously has to evolve if we are to survive. I mean if this is not obvious then there would in fact be no market for Echan's unique brand of transformative communication. He is a 'talking shaman' who takes the job very seriously yet evokes a great deal of laughter at his events.

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